Behind the lens

I always wanted to be a photographer…actually….

I didn’t.  Phew. It’s out there.  I wanted to be a doctor.  I wanted to help people.  But somewhere along the way, the path to help people changed. I picked up a camera and started seeing people. I realized that I want to help people see their beauty, to create records of the love and relationships in their lives.  I strive to capture and reveal my subject’s essence.  To leave them with beautiful, permanent reminders of warm, fleeting moments.

Creating Memories

I work with my subjects to create photographs that they feel.  Always relaxed and fun, a session provides images that people can look back on with joy. Reminding them of how they felt and who they were at that time – so thankful to hold these memories in their hands.  Let’s meet and capture your love.

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Sarah with her camera

Me and my camera