Ambleside Beach Family Session

A lovely family session at Ambleside Beach

I was so happy when Carly (momma) agreed to have her latest family session down at Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver.  It is one of my favourite places to shoot family portraits, there is just so much to offer in the beauty of backgrounds.  We met bright and early and were able to get the beach mostly to ourselves; perfect for two little munchkins wanting to run and around and have some fun 🙂  I always want to the kids to be having fun when I am photographing them, if they’re not, it sure shows in the final images and during the session too.  I want to see their personalities and their quirks.  If they can run and play and be themselves then, I can capture who they are.  That special moment of being 2 or 4, 13 etc… they are in that moment in their lives.  It is so wonderful to look through images and see the little mischivious  glint in their eyes, a shy smile or a big belly laugh, it reminds you of things you might otherwise forget or let grow dim crowded by other memories.  Ed Sheeran has a great line in his song “Photograph”,  saying, “we keep this love in a photograph, we make these memories for ourselves……where time is forever still”.  I love that; not just as a photographer, but as a Mom, a sister, a daughter and a friend.  We capture these moments in images that we love at the time, and they can take our breathe away, but ten, twenty, thirty years down the road they will mean even more.  We will look back at them at laugh and cry and be reminded of who we were and who our family was at that point in time, we will cherish them and over all objects that own, these will be the most precious.   William and Abby will be able to look at these pictures and remember how they played at Ambleside Beach, how they laughed so hard at their parents playing and making animal noises; they will look at these images and remember the smell of the beach and the feeling of sand in  their toes, they will really remember how much they loved each other and how protective Will was of little Abby.  It will be a little bit of magic for them as they grow older to reconnect with this special time of being a kid and living each moment as they happen.  Everyone needs to capture their families, their kids, their love.  Don’t wait, life is so short and precious.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the images.


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