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I feel like I knew this little newborn before he was even born. ¬†I first met Kirsten and Wade at their cousin’s wedding – a very fun wedding ūüôā and next heard from them when they were pregnant with little Noah. ¬†We met at Burnaby Beach to capture Kirsten’s maternity pictures and she was just glowing. ¬†It is amazing how pregnancy just adds a certain glow to women. ¬†Kirsten is already a stunner but just extra gorgeous with a pregnancy glow. ¬†A few weeks later, Noah made his appearance and I was super excited to meet this little baby. ¬†Kirsten was worried that he would rebel and not sleep through his newborn session, but he was a total star. ¬†He had his bottle and then settled in to a nice floppy sleep. ¬†We were able to get many beautiful pictures of this beautiful guy. ¬†I love photographing this stage, it is so special. ¬† To capture their little fingers, toes and expressions. ¬†They are still so squishy and moldable <3 ¬†Wade is a big fisher so we set up a little picture with a fishing net and rod – super cute! ¬†Knowing that parents can look back on these newborn images and be reminded of the squishiness and tiny features of their children is so fantastic. ¬†What a treasure. ¬†It even means a lot to that baby to grow up and see the portraits of them. ¬†My kids love looking at their baby pictures and are often struck with wonder at how much they grown and changed. ¬†I think they really feel the value and love in these images. ¬†My daughter, Isla often gets a bit teary at how “little and cute” she was (in my books still is ;)) ¬†Pictures are our history, our memories and our love. ¬†Start with the freshness of your newborn, you will never regret it.



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