The Photographers’ Tribe

We need the Photographers’ Tribe.  I LOVE photographers…..I mean, what’s not to love?  We are great 😉  But lately I’ve heard silly chatter about certain types of photographers being better than others types, or not good enough…what is this?   There are so many styles of photographers and so many clients who gravitate towards each style… other words there is a client for every photographer and every style.  Any wedding photographer has to excel (and on the fly) everything from documentary, portraiture, lifestyle, posed and more.  They cannot afford to think one style is better than another…..they must do it all and be great at it all….kudos to all you wedding photographers.  🙂 It doesn’t matter if you are taking beautiful backlit pictures in a gorgeous location or recording life exactly how it is occurring, it is all moving and art.  It is so effing scary to share art that shows who you are deep down inside…..our sport is vulnerability.   We need the safety to express and share.  We cannot be afraid to show our images because someone might not appreciate or see our art.  As artists, we should welcome all the ways of expressing it.     Choose the style or styles that fuel you but never, never think you are better than any other photographer.  We are all in this together…..for real.   I am forever inspired by other photographers….some way better than me and some just begininning – you can be inspired in so many places, but not if you’re feeling that your style is the only way or the best way.

There is a saying, that comparison is the thief of joy…and I believe that so wholeheartedly. We are a group who finds beauty in the mundane, who are constantly seeking beauty, looking for images that feed our creativity and make our hearts sing… amazing that there are so many of us that express ourselves in this  unique and beautiful way.  We are a tribe, lets act like one.  Lets train ourselves to be positive, kind and encouraging.  Our art is ourselves in the most vulnerable way…please do not make it scarier for us to express ourselves.  Tell a fellow photographer how gorgeous an image is….even if it is different from what makes your heart sing……it made that photographer feel something, see something and brave enough to share it with the world.  So love that, encourage that and be the photographer who loves art , regardless if it is how you would create it.

Lets celebrate the differences in our business, lets celebrate each other, lets celebrate art and vulnerability, lets be there for one another and keep this industry strong.  If the water in the harbour rises, so do all the boats.  We are stronger together in every diverse way.






Here are a few images that speak to me…..west van city photographer

Backlit family photography vancouverengagement-2 16-boudoir-sjp_0104 16-kidsinalley_0039 web14-muskokaliz-sjp_0100Ambleside Isla dancing Porteau Cove pictures


West Van Photographer


and here is a selfie – ha!  This is how I  usually look…..smeary make up and tired eyes…..I thought it made sense to post this picture in a post about accepting and vulnerability.

Me the photographer

Deep Cove Family Photographer

Deep Cove Family Photographer.  I love this family.  I first met Jenn & Roy when they were expecting little Carter.  We went to Whytecliff to shoot their maternity session and had a perfect gorgeous night.  Next up – newborn pictures 🙂  Little Carter was a star for his first gig and Grandma made him the most adorable little outfit for it.  So sweet.  Next up….I think a family session or two…..a small commercial collaboration with Jenn and then..their wedding.  Now that was so special.  Being about to photograph this little family on such a special day, it really felt like I had been there for some really important experiences with these guys.  Jenn, Roy and Carter all looked gorgeous and we had such fun that day & night.  What a treasure.  This last session is a cool extended family session, siblings, siblings in law and cousins….so cool!  I love the investment in such a memory.  I always love my job, but when I reflect on families like these and see how much they’ve grown and changed and experiences since I first met them, I kinda feel a lump in my throat.  Carter is such a dude and to think that I knew him when he was hiding out in a belly…!!

Thank you so much Jenn & Roy for allowing me to capture and be a part of all these amazing life moments.  I can’t wait to see what memories we are capturing next.


photocrati gallery


photocrati galleryStanley Park Photographer

What a gorgeous night to meet a lovely family from Lodi, California.  They were on they’re way to a cruise to Alaska….with a few fun characters you may know…Mickey & Minnie 🙂

We met at Stanley Park in Vancouver at sunset and were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny evening – my favourite! We met at the Teahouse and went from there.  There are great spots to shoot at that capture the North Shore, the beach and also our lush green landscape.  Of course on a sunny night, the beach was crowded but we managed to find a few spots to shoot at.   Such a fun family with a son the same age as mine, which always makes it just a bit extra cool!

Thanks for choosing me as your photographer – I had a blast 🙂