Again I must appreciate my friends, they rock!  Here is Sara with her dog Pork Chop.

Sara recently created a brilliant web site called Eager-Beaver.  Are you an Eager-Beaver?

Check it out and find out!

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I was sad to learn this week that a good friend will be moving to Oregon.  In the short time we have known each other, we have had a lot of fun and our sons have become great friends.  It is an exciting new chapter in her life, moving to Oregon, near her husband’s family and starting a new vineyard.  I cannot wait to try the wine they produce!  It made me realize I better capture a few more of the day to day stuff we do as we never know when things will change.  Here are some pictures from the kids’ soccer class. We will miss you Sofia!


photocrati gallery


Today, May 20, is my first blog entry and the same day the Canucks are playing game #3 against the San Jose Sharks…

Here is a picture of little Lola wearing her first Canucks jersey.  I cannot say she’s a big fan yet, haha, but her parents sure are.

It is a gorgeous sunny day and I’m off with my camera to capture the day’s beauty!

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