Langley Horse Photographer

I got to be a horse photographer!

Okay, to say I was excited for today’s shoot would be an understatement.  I grew up riding horses and loving horses and obsessing about horses….seriously….and today I got to be a horse photographer!  What?!  Yes, I got to combine my two passions…horses and photography.  So amazing.  When Kristen from Gallop Training called and asked me to do some marketing imagesl for her barn I jumped at the chance…..(I probably would’ve done it for free, but don’t tell her that :)).  We met out in Langley, BC at her barn and I immediately forgot why I was there and grabbed the nearest horse…..Ok, I didn’t really forget…..maybe.  We walked around the barn and checked out the different horses that would star in the photographs and got to work.  Kristen is a natural with the horses and they all love and listen to her so it was fun to play with different set ups and see what we could do in the amazing light out there.  I could’ve shot all day and every horse out there; it was so pretty.  The way the sun filtered through the barn and the trees outside made shooting in the afternoon a breeze.  Usually I like to be a fussy photographer(I never get away with this) and shoot in the golden hour, but so happy that we got a gorgeous sunny day, beautiful scenery and pretty light.  I always love my job, but days like today are just magical.  I am so grateful to be able to have this job and meet so many amazing people through it.  Feeling lucky tonight!


I got to be a HORSE photographer today!!
I got to be a HORSE photographer today!!

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