North Van Family Session – Deep Cove

With it’s dramatically soaring mountains and calm ocean inlet as a backdrop, Deep Cove was the ideal setting to capture this North Vancouver family of four (plus their two gorgeous Rhodeisan Ridgeback dogs!).  I love when moody, low-lying clouds dominate…they give a cosy feel to photos, plus great lighting.

There are few things better than getting children outside to have a run around or just enjoy the fresh air (in wee six-month old Thomas’ case!). With a beach location to see and explore, Sam and Thomas were in their element.  Add in the dogs and, well, it was always going to be about the laughter and giggles that escaped from both boys.  With Thomas snuggled up in mom and dad’s arms and Sam leading the way, we roamed the docks, piers, and beach, and captured some beautiful moments.

Of course, home is where the heart is.  Weren’t we lucky to get some photos there as well?! Children are always happiest in their own environment, where they can play with their favourite toys and belongings. What luck, then, that Grandma was visiting from the East Coast.  Happiness and love were evident as the boys played and bonded with her. Thomas was captivated by Sam’s antics and baby giggles dominated as I interacted with this delightful family.  It was the perfect way to capturing what is so important to this family.

When our time together had come to an end, everyone was happy.  This family with two young children, and their loyal canine companions, were a joy to work with.



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