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So I am a photographer here on the North Shore….not a videographer…not even close, but the other night I decided to try the video function on my camera.  I had come from an event that I think was meant to be inspiring and motivating and I was feeling anything but….not sure if I had a poor attitude or what, but suddenly at the bar in North Vancouver,  sitting with good friends, listening to great music (thanks Adam Woodall) and drinking a few ciders, I suddenly wanted to pick up my camera and shoot.  Now I guess I could have taken stills, but it was pretty dark in the bar and I wanted it to be fun…not fussing with a flash…..I had to put my ISO to 5000 and shoot at 1.4 but I still wanted to try.  There are definitely a few focus issues but I kinda like it for my first try.  Adam being the amazing musician that he is, certainly makes up for my amateurness, so if the video starts to make you feel sea sick, just close your eyes and listen to his beautiful voice.  It was pretty cool trying something new with my camera and challenging too.  It did make me feel renewed and inspired thinking how I can incorporate a little video into my clients sessions….stay tuned for that as I need to practice a lot more. haha!  Thanks for taking the time to read this and check out my video.  Let me know what you think!  Sarah

North Vancouver Photographer
Adam Woodall singing in North Vancouver

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