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photocrati galleryDeep Cove is the perfect spot for photos

Hey! ¬†Thanks for stopping by ūüôā ¬†Today on the blog is a family that I have been shooting for many years now. ¬†We started a tradition of shooting in Deep Cove every year and this year was no different. It is really cool that we can compare how the family changes from year to year in the same spot. ¬†I bet you could even spot changes to Deep Cove from year to year in the pictures. ¬†I love that in North Vancouver, there is a spot like this. ¬†Deep Cove offers amazing views of the ocean, the mountains, the forest, the beach and even a little playground. ¬†Families can wonder around and hang together as I capture the specialness that is them. ¬†This was a special shoot for the Molina family as they are expecting their 2nd baby! ¬†I just know big brother David is going to be the best at his new role – look at how sweet he is with the baby belly. ¬†I would place bets that his future little sister will have him wrapped around her little finger and he will be pleased as punch about it. ¬† David is truly the sweetest little man and so interested in everything. ¬†He could have looked for crabs and salmon berries all day long, I’m sure. ¬†I am so lucky to have this cool job taking photos on the North Shore and I thank you all for that. ¬†Serious gratitude.


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