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West Vancouver Photographer | Cypress Mountain

A photograph of Hollyburn Lodge in West Vancouver

Last night I had a special shoot.  The District of West Vancouver asked me to go and capture the last night and the last party up at Hollyburn Lodge on Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver.  See, the lodge was built back in 1926 and has been home to many celebrations, music nights, parties and dinners, close to a centuries worth.  What a compliment to be asked to shoot this special evening, where some of the original visitors of this special place were there to celebrate the history and stories that they helped create.  We all hiked up to the lodge on Cypress Mountain as it snowed softly around us (bizarre for April 24th)  and I’m sure everyone felt the magic of the occasion.  The youngest visitor there was about 5 years old, and the oldest, 93; both were busting up the, albeit uneven, dance floor.  The early stages of demolition have begun and part of what I was to photograph in West Van that night was the graffity, 20’s style in the wood.  Simple carvings of peoples names and dates, the earliest dating back to New Year’s Eve 1928.  1928?!  That means they boated across the water from downtown to West Vancouver and then hiked all the way up Cypress Mountain to Hollyburn Lodge to bring in the New Year.  Amazing!  I shot all the etchings I could find and then focused on capturing the final party.  There was great music, food, drinks and dancing and I am sure the night was reminiscent of parties of the past.  Mother nature seemed nostalgic too and she brought a fierce snow storm upon the night.  The most snow fell last night then any night all season….seems unreal for late April, but it added the magic of the night.  Before I left the lodge for the final time, I was sure to take a picture of one of the first visitors to the lodge and the one of the biggest supporters of its revival, Iola.  Iola has grand plans for the lodge and last night as we said goodbye, we also said hello to the new plan.  A new lodge, built by the people, built with love and care so it is sure to have to same spirit as the original Hollyburn Lodge.  Thanks again for having me capture this special evening, I am feel so lucky to have this as my job.  See below, a picture of Iola, my new hero.  How I wish I had a photograph of her at the lodge 70 years ago to compare.

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Iola, one of the first visitors to the Hollyburn Lodge in West Vancouver.