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West Vancouver Child Photographer | Whytecliff

Being a child photographer is a pretty special job….one that I love.  There is this time in children’s lives that is fleeting and it is so important to capture.  The magic of being able to look back at images and feel the memories they invoke.  The memory of the way they smiled at that age, the way they loved inspecting flowers…and ate them too ;), their shy smile or gregarious giggles can be captured forever.  Forever!  How cool is that?  A child photographer has a big responsibility for sure…..yes you could go to a shoot and take pictures and likely the family will be pleased but you can be way cooler and connect with the family, see them and their love and then have the ability to show that back to them in a magical format that lasts forever.  What?!  It’s true….a print of a moment….a print of your love is priceless.

I met this new family in West Vancouver at Whytecliff park.  Their little guy is a special little soul – he has deep eyes and a beautiful smile.  He loved grabbing the little buttercups and smelling and tasting them – he has the best expressions – smiles and frowns.  His parents, Corey and Bree are clearly so in love and enamoured with him.  Obviously.  They’ll have to look back at these pictures when he crashed the car or talks back for the first time 😉  It was such a pleasure to hang out with these three for the afternoon and I feel so lucky that my job gives me opportunities like this.  Thanks guys for choosing me as your child photographer.  I am so honoured and appreciative.


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Family Pictures at Lighthouse Park

I met with the Pidwysocki family last weekend for some fun family pictures; we decided to meet at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver.  Shooting at Lighthouse Park is always gorgeous, the greens are stunning, the water is close by and there are amazing boulders to hang our on that look fantastic in images.  Little Chloe and older brother Jack were excited to hit the trails and find the waterfront…..through the most detoured route we could find 😉    There were lots of moments to capture, from scaling rocks, balancing on downed trees to racing down the path, it was all fun.  Chloe is the same age as my little girl and just as spunky.  She was not going to let her big brother beat her at anything 🙂  We finally made it to the water and the view was well worth the walk.  It is simply stunning down on the waterfront.  You can see everything from downtown Vancouver to Vancouver Island; such a treat.  We took a few more family pictures and headed on our way.  The route back was a much more direct and simple making it a quick walk back.  My favourite moment of the session was when I asked Chloe to tell me the funniest word she knew and she said a**hole!  haha!  It certainly made her laugh like crazy 🙂

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