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Iceland | Travelling Photographer

Travelling to Iceland

I think it must be every photographer’s dream to be able to travel for work.   This last year, I have been lucky enough to be sent to many fun places to capture beautiful images for my clients.  My most recent and favourite is Iceland.  Travelling to Iceland to capture it’s beauty was unbelievable for me.  Iceland is so amazingly gorgeous.  Everywhere you look there is beauty.  The landscape is so diverse and different from anything I have ever experienced.   If it is on your list, get there….and if it is not on your list, it should be.  I took so many pictures and love everyone of them.  I would love to go back and shoot again in the summer; I was there in the winterish spring.  You can visit huge waterfalls, stunning cliffs falling into the ocean, lava fields, ponies (Icelandic horses) and glaciers and so many more jaw dropping views.  I’ve complied a tiny fraction of my favourite images from this trip to share.  Each picture means something to me.  An experience, or a feeling or just plain appreciation at what I was seeing and having the ability to capture it with my camera and share it.  Being a travelling photographer is something I am so grateful for.  Every job I have here and away give me so much happiness and remind me of how lucky I am to call myself a photographer.

Thanks for checking out my images 🙂

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