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Newborn Photography

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Newborn Photography


N E W B O R N;

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to capture the precious moments of a newborn life. All too often those first weeks go by too fast. There is a whirlwind of emotions flying around them and families can miss or forget those itty bitty moments that stole their heart in the very beginning. The ability to spend time with a new family, and to continue to watch them grow is such a special part of why I am a photographer. How often does one have the opportunity to witness a life at its most fragile and innocent state, and then watch them grow into little beings!

L I T T L E S;

I love to capture babies at any age, but there is that short short minute under two weeks old. What a sweet time. To capture those teeny fingers and toes, the curious expressions, and the dreams off in lala land are moments that you obsess over. And suddenly those moments are gone as quickly as they come! I find that window of their lives when babies are so little and curly, is so small. To create and capture those memories is a priceless experience. It is something you can keep and carry with you forever.

Safe  S P A C E S;

I love being with families in their element, whether it be in their homes or in the studio. It’s an honour to have families welcome me into their lives. I am let into that special time that only a few people are able to witness. I find the most successful sessions are when the families are comfortable and relaxed. I do my best to enable and encourage this.   I allow lots of time so we can take our time to ensure everyone is happy, we can pause for feedings, and you can snuggle baby when we need to. No pressure. It is important to create a safe and happy space for the family, since a safe space is everything when bringing a newborn into the world!

 I’m booking up fast for 2018, so contact me soon to book your baby in.  Usually a few months prior to birth is a great time to set up a session.  The final date can be finalized once baby arrives.

x o x o

To all of my past and my future families, THANK YOU.