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Bonderove|North Van

Family Session in North Vancouver

Vancouver and the North Shore have been super smoky lately due to the crazy wild fires that are burning in the surrounding areas; I was a bit concerned how this would affect family sessions and the images.  The Boneroves scheduled their family pictures a while back for when they were in town from Alberta, so we had no idea this was going to happen.  I shot them a year ago (here) and we had a beautiful blue sky, sunny day……it definitely was join to be different for this shoot.  Luckily the skies cleared  bit for our shoot so it actually was  a really pretty light and we could finally see the skyline of downtown Vancouver 🙂  We met at the Waterfront Park in North Vancouver and set down to play some games and capture the specialness of their family.  Tanner and Harlow were super keen to play so we played a lot of games…including who can knock over the photographer :0!  I’m not sure who won, but certainly not my back 😉  These guys were so polite and well behaved, it made shooting them super easy.  They even sat together and just laughed – thank you!!!  I have had a lot of brother & sister siblings lately and I love the bond that they have.  Big brothers just naturally look after their little sisters – it is so special.  These guys will have some cool moments that night to look back on and hang on their walls – you can see what their love looks like.

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