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Intimate West Vancouver Wedding / Aly & Nick

West Vancouver Photo shoot


I knew from the moment we all met at a coffee shop in North Vancouver that capturing Aly and Nick’s wedding was going to be fun.  Both were full of Ideas and had a great sense adventure but were also quite relaxed, so I knew their wedding was going be chill.

The ocean holds a special place in Nick and Aly’s hearts, and it was with that in mind that we decided on taking pre-wedding portraits in Whytecliff Park. This setting was ideal for Aly, Nick and their close family members to enjoy a quiet moment before the festivities got underway. The three of us moved from the park and made our way to Horseshoe Bat, where they had their boat waiting to be launched. The combination of the sun, the mountains in the background and the Howe Sound Inlet was spectacular and brought out a playfulness between the two. They even brought their fishing rods out for the photos (or was it a friendly bride vs groom challenge?!).

A huge cheer went up from the guests gathered on the viewing dock of the West Vancouver Yacht Club as Aly and Nick jetted in on their boat. What an entrance! The yacht club, where the ceremony took place, is nestled in a stunning setting with views out to the ocean and Vancouver Island beyond. And it was here, with Eagle Island as their backdrop, that Nick and Aly met at the end of the aisle to say their vows.

The couple had given the day many heartfelt and personal touches: decorating the tables with flowers, driftwood and shells, each one personalized with the name of a lake that clearly had significant meaning to the two, and handing out handmade candles at the end of the evening. From a blissful start to the day to a rocking dance party at the end, this was such a special celebration to be a part of.