Vancouver Photographer | Rock The Shot Challenge

I always forget to check out the Rock the Shot photo challenge, which is really too bad because I really quite enjoy looking at the images posted and also challenging myself to post a picture for the months challenge.  Posting a picture can be quite intimidating, there are so many talented photographers posting and also looking at yours!  Ack!  It is funny because I love clients seeing their images and know that they will love them, but other photographers?  Scary 😉  Here in Vancouver, well North Vancouver, I have a solid group of girlfriends who are also photographers.  In fact they are basically my direct competition…but it doesn’t feel that way.  They encourage, support, share and teach me and each other.  We have each others’ backs…for real. My point is, that even with these girls, my photographer friends, it is scary to share my work.  I know they’re behind me and not judging but, still scary……I guess part of it is the vulnerability of showing your work. It is personal right?  There is a bit of you in each photograph that you make, and probably a lot of you.  Putting that up for comment?!  Yikes!  But here it is, my Spring submission for Rock the Shot.  Be nice 😉  And thanks for  stopping by!

Vancouver family photographer
Vancouver Child Photographer


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