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I think I have the best job in the world..I am a professional photographer. I get to generally make my own schedule, I meet amazing people and create and capture their memories, I love what I do and it all takes place in this gorgeous piece of earth that we live in.  I never lose sight of this and feel gratitude for it daily but sometime I make an image that really, really has all that in it.  It has my love of my job, my creativeness, the beauty of BC and a little magic.  This particular image is even more special to me because it is of my daughter and her best little buddy.  It captured them in a moment of pure bliss, a moment where their little 5 year old minds could barely absorb the beauty around them and it captures them being them.  Life unscripted.  I like to shoot like this anyways, but this was totally them.  Sticking their feet in the cold river, splashing and playing and being silly, forgetting that I am watching them with my camera and just enjoying themselves.  I think these moments are so rare and even more rare is to have an image that we can hold and look back on and think, that was a wonderful day.  I will be printing this picture for both of them and I will hang it on my little girl’s wall so she can see the magic in her and all around her everyday.  I am seriously grateful that I can give her this and to other families too.  Thank you to all my wonderful clients who trust me to capture their magic.

Vancouver family photographer
My little loves in beautiful BC

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