West Vancouver Photographer|Duyker

West Vancouver Photographer | Duyker

I was so excited to shoot this little family and when you see them, you’ll get it 🙂  The boys are all blondies and adorable and Mom & Dad aren’t too bad themselves 😉  We decided to meet at one of my favourite locations in West Vancouver, Ambleside Beach.  It is such a great spot, you get the beach, tall grass, old wood fences and a local landmark in the background…..Lions Gate bridge.  It also works for boys who like to run around and play…..who wants to  pose for pictures anyways 😉  All three boys were super sweet, full of mischief and smiles – perfect combo!  I really enjoyed photographing these guys – never a dull moment and lots of great images!  Win win!!  I’m pretty sure we covered all of the beach as we ran and played and took pictures and those boys were still going strong at the end 🙂  So awesome!  Another sweet thing is their eyes….beware girls in 20 years…these boys have got killer eyes…all sparkly and cheeky.  You can see in each picture of them, the light that catches in their faces and eyes – super special, not to mention their great smiles.  Makes a photographer happy 🙂  Obviously I enjoyed this session and the fun we had that morning.

Thanks for checking out the images.

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