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Shooting in Seattle – Vancouver Photographer

Shooting in Seattle

Last week I had an awesome job shooting in Seattle.  Sweet!  Seattle is like a second city to me.  As long as I can remember I have been driving across the border to head south for min vacations or day trips…always with my camera 🙂  I love Seattle; it is just far enough away to feel like you’ve gone somewhere and so different from Vancouver, that you really get a unique trip.  I love shooting everything that catches my eye…something I rarely do at home.  Street photography does not come naturally to me, so it is good artistically to push myself too.  I feel like the more I challenge myself with my camera, the better I’ll be with it….makes sense right?!  Anyways, this trip I decided to bring my camera every time I left the hotel and got some cool images.  From iconic Seattle spots like the Pike Place Market and the Great Seattle Wheel, to lesser known spots like Shorty’s and The Upstairs, I shot it all.  I don’t think I’ve taken that many images in a long time…..especially without people!  I mean don’t get me wrong, I still took tons of pictures with people…cause, well that is my favourite thing to shoot…but again, back to pushing myself 😉   The only time I forgot to lift my camera was in the shops..haha…I had serious shopping to do.  Have you seen the All Saints shop there?  To Die For!!  I loved the feeling of this city and I often wondered why Vancouver is not as cool, but maybe if I was a tourist for a day in Vancouver looking through my lens, I might love it just as much… challenge I guess…  Thanks Seattle for having me!

Anyways, here are my images from the trip.  I hope you enjoy them 🙂


16-Seattle-SJP_0272 copy
Shorty’s – Best Dive Bar
Image of 5th Ave
Vancouver Photographer
The Pier at Night
Image by Vancouver photographer
The Great Seattle Wheel
Picture in Seattle
Get your pinball game on at Shorty’s
Rocco's Pizza
Dude at Rocco’s Pizza
Vancouver photographer
The Upstairs…the coolest to shoot at and drink
16-Seattle-SJP_0169 copy
Seattle downtown
Vancouver Image
Beauty light – capturing beauty in the mundane
capturing Van dude in Seattle
Seattle bar
1000 Spirits….yes!
West Vancouver Photographer
Pike Place Market
Seattle photographer
Alleyway in Pike Place
Professional art & local art
van family photographer
Great Seattle Wheel

16-Seattle-SJP_0379 copy