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Iceland | Travelling Photographer

Travelling to Iceland

I think it must be every photographer’s dream to be able to travel for work.   This last year, I have been lucky enough to be sent to many fun places to capture beautiful images for my clients.  My most recent and favourite is Iceland.  Travelling to Iceland to capture it’s beauty was unbelievable for me.  Iceland is so amazingly gorgeous.  Everywhere you look there is beauty.  The landscape is so diverse and different from anything I have ever experienced.   If it is on your list, get there….and if it is not on your list, it should be.  I took so many pictures and love everyone of them.  I would love to go back and shoot again in the summer; I was there in the winterish spring.  You can visit huge waterfalls, stunning cliffs falling into the ocean, lava fields, ponies (Icelandic horses) and glaciers and so many more jaw dropping views.  I’ve complied a tiny fraction of my favourite images from this trip to share.  Each picture means something to me.  An experience, or a feeling or just plain appreciation at what I was seeing and having the ability to capture it with my camera and share it.  Being a travelling photographer is something I am so grateful for.  Every job I have here and away give me so much happiness and remind me of how lucky I am to call myself a photographer.

Thanks for checking out my images 🙂

photocrati gallery


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Shooting in Seattle – Vancouver Photographer

Shooting in Seattle

Last week I had an awesome job shooting in Seattle.  Sweet!  Seattle is like a second city to me.  As long as I can remember I have been driving across the border to head south for min vacations or day trips…always with my camera 🙂  I love Seattle; it is just far enough away to feel like you’ve gone somewhere and so different from Vancouver, that you really get a unique trip.  I love shooting everything that catches my eye…something I rarely do at home.  Street photography does not come naturally to me, so it is good artistically to push myself too.  I feel like the more I challenge myself with my camera, the better I’ll be with it….makes sense right?!  Anyways, this trip I decided to bring my camera every time I left the hotel and got some cool images.  From iconic Seattle spots like the Pike Place Market and the Great Seattle Wheel, to lesser known spots like Shorty’s and The Upstairs, I shot it all.  I don’t think I’ve taken that many images in a long time…..especially without people!  I mean don’t get me wrong, I still took tons of pictures with people…cause, well that is my favourite thing to shoot…but again, back to pushing myself 😉   The only time I forgot to lift my camera was in the shops..haha…I had serious shopping to do.  Have you seen the All Saints shop there?  To Die For!!  I loved the feeling of this city and I often wondered why Vancouver is not as cool, but maybe if I was a tourist for a day in Vancouver looking through my lens, I might love it just as much… challenge I guess…  Thanks Seattle for having me!

Anyways, here are my images from the trip.  I hope you enjoy them 🙂


16-Seattle-SJP_0272 copy
Shorty’s – Best Dive Bar
Image of 5th Ave
Vancouver Photographer
The Pier at Night
Image by Vancouver photographer
The Great Seattle Wheel
Picture in Seattle
Get your pinball game on at Shorty’s
Rocco's Pizza
Dude at Rocco’s Pizza
Vancouver photographer
The Upstairs…the coolest to shoot at and drink
16-Seattle-SJP_0169 copy
Seattle downtown
Vancouver Image
Beauty light – capturing beauty in the mundane
capturing Van dude in Seattle
Seattle bar
1000 Spirits….yes!
West Vancouver Photographer
Pike Place Market
Seattle photographer
Alleyway in Pike Place
Professional art & local art
van family photographer
Great Seattle Wheel

16-Seattle-SJP_0379 copy

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Skimboarding in Vancouver

I love photography!

I think I must have the coolest job ever; I am a photographer in Vancouver and on the North Shore.  I love photography – I love my job!  I mean who else still does their job even on their days off?  Photographers!  I love to bring my camera out and shoot my kids, their friends and all of them just hanging out and having fun.  I often head out to Jericho or Spanish Banks in the summer and the kids go skimboarding and play on the beach; perfect spot to photograph, especially in the morning.  The tide is out so there are stunning reflections, the city is there for a cool backdrop and the kids are happy so they make perfect subjects.  The picture below is from a day when there was a whole gang of us out there playing.  I will treasure this shot of my kids forever.  I caught a moment of time where they are totally happy, being themselves and doing something that they love and beg to do.  I know when they are older and look back on these they will remember the fun we had on those days.  I love that my job allows me to do that.  I really love that I can do it for other families too.  I harp on this all the time, but as parents, we must exist in pictures. We must.  We need to be photographed with our loves and print those pictures, put them on our walls, make albums and treasure these reminders of happy days and of our love.  Enjoy these pictures of my family and friends and think of the perfect day you would love to capture so your family can treasure those moments forever too.

vancouver photographer, skim boarding at Jericho
Skim Boarding photographed in Vancouver



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North Vancouver Photographer | Adam Woodall

Adam Woodall Video

click above to see video!

So I am a photographer here on the North Shore….not a videographer…not even close, but the other night I decided to try the video function on my camera.  I had come from an event that I think was meant to be inspiring and motivating and I was feeling anything but….not sure if I had a poor attitude or what, but suddenly at the bar in North Vancouver,  sitting with good friends, listening to great music (thanks Adam Woodall) and drinking a few ciders, I suddenly wanted to pick up my camera and shoot.  Now I guess I could have taken stills, but it was pretty dark in the bar and I wanted it to be fun…not fussing with a flash…..I had to put my ISO to 5000 and shoot at 1.4 but I still wanted to try.  There are definitely a few focus issues but I kinda like it for my first try.  Adam being the amazing musician that he is, certainly makes up for my amateurness, so if the video starts to make you feel sea sick, just close your eyes and listen to his beautiful voice.  It was pretty cool trying something new with my camera and challenging too.  It did make me feel renewed and inspired thinking how I can incorporate a little video into my clients sessions….stay tuned for that as I need to practice a lot more. haha!  Thanks for taking the time to read this and check out my video.  Let me know what you think!  Sarah

North Vancouver Photographer
Adam Woodall singing in North Vancouver
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West Vancouver Photographer | Cypress Mountain

A photograph of Hollyburn Lodge in West Vancouver

Last night I had a special shoot.  The District of West Vancouver asked me to go and capture the last night and the last party up at Hollyburn Lodge on Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver.  See, the lodge was built back in 1926 and has been home to many celebrations, music nights, parties and dinners, close to a centuries worth.  What a compliment to be asked to shoot this special evening, where some of the original visitors of this special place were there to celebrate the history and stories that they helped create.  We all hiked up to the lodge on Cypress Mountain as it snowed softly around us (bizarre for April 24th)  and I’m sure everyone felt the magic of the occasion.  The youngest visitor there was about 5 years old, and the oldest, 93; both were busting up the, albeit uneven, dance floor.  The early stages of demolition have begun and part of what I was to photograph in West Van that night was the graffity, 20’s style in the wood.  Simple carvings of peoples names and dates, the earliest dating back to New Year’s Eve 1928.  1928?!  That means they boated across the water from downtown to West Vancouver and then hiked all the way up Cypress Mountain to Hollyburn Lodge to bring in the New Year.  Amazing!  I shot all the etchings I could find and then focused on capturing the final party.  There was great music, food, drinks and dancing and I am sure the night was reminiscent of parties of the past.  Mother nature seemed nostalgic too and she brought a fierce snow storm upon the night.  The most snow fell last night then any night all season….seems unreal for late April, but it added the magic of the night.  Before I left the lodge for the final time, I was sure to take a picture of one of the first visitors to the lodge and the one of the biggest supporters of its revival, Iola.  Iola has grand plans for the lodge and last night as we said goodbye, we also said hello to the new plan.  A new lodge, built by the people, built with love and care so it is sure to have to same spirit as the original Hollyburn Lodge.  Thanks again for having me capture this special evening, I am feel so lucky to have this as my job.  See below, a picture of Iola, my new hero.  How I wish I had a photograph of her at the lodge 70 years ago to compare.

west Vancouver commercial photographer
Iola, one of the first visitors to the Hollyburn Lodge in West Vancouver.