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Newborn Photography

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Newborn Photography


N E W B O R N;

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to capture the precious moments of a newborn life. All too often those first weeks go by too fast. There is a whirlwind of emotions flying around them and families can miss or forget those itty bitty moments that stole their heart in the very beginning. The ability to spend time with a new family, and to continue to watch them grow is such a special part of why I am a photographer. How often does one have the opportunity to witness a life at its most fragile and innocent state, and then watch them grow into little beings!

L I T T L E S;

I love to capture babies at any age, but there is that short short minute under two weeks old. What a sweet time. To capture those teeny fingers and toes, the curious expressions, and the dreams off in lala land are moments that you obsess over. And suddenly those moments are gone as quickly as they come! I find that window of their lives when babies are so little and curly, is so small. To create and capture those memories is a priceless experience. It is something you can keep and carry with you forever.

Safe  S P A C E S;

I love being with families in their element, whether it be in their homes or in the studio. It’s an honour to have families welcome me into their lives. I am let into that special time that only a few people are able to witness. I find the most successful sessions are when the families are comfortable and relaxed. I do my best to enable and encourage this.   I allow lots of time so we can take our time to ensure everyone is happy, we can pause for feedings, and you can snuggle baby when we need to. No pressure. It is important to create a safe and happy space for the family, since a safe space is everything when bringing a newborn into the world!

 I’m booking up fast for 2018, so contact me soon to book your baby in.  Usually a few months prior to birth is a great time to set up a session.  The final date can be finalized once baby arrives.

x o x o

To all of my past and my future families, THANK YOU.

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Wedding at Bodega Ridge

Bodega Ridge Wedding

This Bodega Ridge Wedding was amazing, beautiful, fun, emotional and so much more.  A weekend long, wedding event that embraced and celebrated, Tessa and Matt’s love, but also family and friendships.  

Nothing is more meaningful to a photographer than being invited to shoot a momentous occasions.  It is a huge responsibility to capture authentic moments of emotion, and when Matt and Tessa called me to ask if I was available to photograph their wedding day I have to admit that I was incredibly honoured.  I have shared several special moments with the two of them over the past few years, including capturing their two exquisite babies, Madelyn and Luke, as newborns & toddlers. Both children are growing into gorgeous, friendly and engaging children and I have loved having this beautiful family in front of my camera as it grew from two to four.  It was with great excitement that I boarded the ferry to Galiano Island, an incredibly beautiful island on the West Coast, where Tessa and Matt were getting married.    

Galiano Island, and specifically Bodega Bridge, is, in a word, spectacular.  The vistas of the soaring mountains in the distance, sunlight dancing on the water and the mesmerizing sound of the ocean set a stunning stage for Tessa and Matt’s weekend-long wedding. Even the little details, like the fairy lights twinkling in the marquee, the colourful flowers and the dazzling blue sky, helped to create an enchanting aura.  And yet, all paled in comparison to the radiance emanating from this happy couple, who wanted nothing more than to gather family and friends to celebrate this very special day.  As Tessa said in her wedding blog, they were, ”Beyond honoured and excited to share our special day with all of you; the people we love the most.” 

As with most brides and grooms, the wedding day itself seems to pass by in a joyous blur and sometimes they don’t always catch every moment.  I love capturing all of those: the images that they imagine prior, the candid moments that they weren’t expecting, the spontaneous laughter, and the joy.  Most importantly, capturing how the day felt is most important to me. I want Tessa, Matt, and theirs friends & family to look at the pictures and be brought back to the day, to the moment of the “I-do’s” ,the crowded dance floor, the laughter and the love.  The moments they may have missed, but now have to look at and remember forever.
When Matt and Tessa walked back down the aisle to petals being showered over them, I felt the joy and elation that radiated from them both.  I had felt it from the moment I arrived, until I left the island.  The photos I took that day encapsulated all the uninhibited delight that I had witnessed. I am so excited that they will have these images to look back on and share with their children, family and friends.  To see how they were celebrated; how they felt that day.  I am so grateful they invited me to photograph the day for them, to trust me and my camera and let me preserve their memories forever.
This wedding, for me, was incredibly special as they were allowing me to photograph the start of another momentous chapter in their lives.  Thank you, Tessa and Mike, not only for including me but also for trusting me to capture your stories.  

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Baby Photographer North Vancouver

photocrati galleryBaby photographer in North Vancouver

I met the sweetest little girl, Maelle.  She came to get her newborn baby pictures done and I think she is one of the most beautiful babies that I have photographed.  She has perfect creamy skin and sweet fluffy hair.  Thank you Maelle!  I loved photographing her in all the sweet little positions; she looked so precious and slept in all of them, making my job super easy.  Almost makes me want to have another…..almost 😉

The newborn stage is such a fun time to capture.  They change so quickly and it is so easy to forget how teeny tiny they were and how much they sleep…..mostly because it feels like they never sleep 😉  I make sure to document their little toes, their flaky skin, their puffy lips and perfect fingers.  Mom and Dad will cherish looking back and seeing how much their babies have grown and changed.

Maelle was a star to photograph, well on her way to a supermodel career 🙂

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West Vancouver Child Photographer | Whytecliff

Being a child photographer is a pretty special job….one that I love.  There is this time in children’s lives that is fleeting and it is so important to capture.  The magic of being able to look back at images and feel the memories they invoke.  The memory of the way they smiled at that age, the way they loved inspecting flowers…and ate them too ;), their shy smile or gregarious giggles can be captured forever.  Forever!  How cool is that?  A child photographer has a big responsibility for sure…..yes you could go to a shoot and take pictures and likely the family will be pleased but you can be way cooler and connect with the family, see them and their love and then have the ability to show that back to them in a magical format that lasts forever.  What?!  It’s true….a print of a moment….a print of your love is priceless.

I met this new family in West Vancouver at Whytecliff park.  Their little guy is a special little soul – he has deep eyes and a beautiful smile.  He loved grabbing the little buttercups and smelling and tasting them – he has the best expressions – smiles and frowns.  His parents, Corey and Bree are clearly so in love and enamoured with him.  Obviously.  They’ll have to look back at these pictures when he crashed the car or talks back for the first time 😉  It was such a pleasure to hang out with these three for the afternoon and I feel so lucky that my job gives me opportunities like this.  Thanks guys for choosing me as your child photographer.  I am so honoured and appreciative.


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Vancouver Newborn | baby Leo

Baby Leo

Ahhhh baby Leo was a dram to shoot.  He was so peaceful and content to be arrange, posed and cuddled by his big brother Oliver.  He was born a bit early and so has the svelte body that all us of dream of 😉 and so super cute.  What a perfect little face he has; he looks just like his big bro!  Photographing siblings is always sweet but these two were amazing….after Oliver took a few pictures of Leo, he cuddled right into him and look at him with wonder and then with smiles.  So so sweet – picture perfect for real.  Those are the moments we as parents want to remember.  How teeny tiny they were as newborns and how in awe their siblings are of them.  They appreciate the little toes and fingers and question every sound their little brothers and sisters make.  Later on, these two will love seeing these pictures of them.  They will be amazed that they were ever that small.  These images will even be shown to their kids…crazy!! It was fun to photograph Leo in similar ways that we shot Oliver, same poses and little hats.  It is pretty cool to see the comparison.  What a great job I have, to hang out with such great families and capture how they are growing and changing.


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